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What Do We Do?

Revisionary, Inc.,a Philadelphia-based writing service, helps business professionals develop and refine skills needed to produce clear, clean, effective writing—for everything from simple e-mail messages to complex reports and proposals.

How Do We Do It?

We present a one-day seminar that reveals common writing problems, shows solutions, encourages discussion, and leaves participants with materials helpful to long-term improvement.  All this is done within an enjoyable, nonthreatening atmosphere that allows each person, regardless of starting point, to progress without public exposure.

What Are Our Tools?

  • master teaching
  • an extensive supply of flawed writing samples—taken from real-life sources, categorized by topic, and projected on-screen for ease of discussion
  • a binder containing (1) hard copies of those writing samples for participants to revise during the seminar, and (2) a generous quantity of supplemental material (grammar, punctuation, and general insight)
  • Simple, Brief, and Precise: How to Make Your Writing Easily Understood, a book coordinated with the seminar topics and designed to be kept for continued study and long-term reference.
  • a Simple, Brief, and Precise WORKBOOK, which offers the option to explore and improve writing skills in earnest post-seminar

P.O.  Box 1057
Ft. Washington, PA 19034

 215-872-6406    •    Fax  215-540-9843

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